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Serving Your Travel Protection Needs For a Lifetime, One Trip at a Time

Your dream vacation is enriched when you have the peace of mind of knowing your hard-earned travel investment is fully protected. Travel Insured International offers you highest quality, worldwide travel insurance protection to provide the security you and your loved ones deserve.

Our travel insurance family--the industry leaders at Travel Insured International-warmly welcome your traveling family and friends to our Worldwide Trip Protector coverage*. Since 1993 Travel Insured has forged loyal, trusted partnerships with the industry's most professional Travel Agents, Wholesalers and Specialty Service Providers.

Our customer service attitude is to continually reward your trust in us. Our goal is to make each Travel Insured encounter a source of total satisfaction, whether you are a first-time insured or a lifetime client.

Unlike some competitors who entrust claims support to outsiders, Travel Insured skillfully coordinates your

service needs within our central office where knowledgeable policy experts work with the solid underwriting support of the Arch Insurance Group. Our newly upgraded IT system accelerates end-to-end management of your coverage from purchase through travel or claim completion.

Travel Insured International delivers comprehensive primary benefits* ranging from trip cancellation and trip interruption to emergency assistance and medical evacuation, default and bankruptcy, accident and sickness medical expense, accidental death and dismemberment, missed connection and baggage delay or loss.

Founded in 1993 when insurance visionary Peter Gehris acquired the travel protection division of the Travelers Insurance Group, Travel Insured International has established and driven higher standards for policy quality and customer care.

Experience the enhanced value of your dream vacation fully protected by a skillfully-managed Travel Insured policy. Call on us to serve your travel protection needs for a lifetime, one trip at a time.

*Please ask us for more information about Worldwide Trip Protector Coverage and Comprehensive Primary Benefits.

You may wonder why you should buy special travel insurance for your vacation. It's not just your investment you’ll be protecting; you’re also protecting yourself and your family. If you are involved in a car crash, injure yourself, lose your luggage during your trip, become ill, have to cancel your cruise, or are delayed en route and miss your connection, your ordinary insurance policies may not protect you! While it's true that many cruise lines offer travel insurance and some credit cards include baggage protection and flight travel insurance, those policies are usually limited, and don’t protect you from many serious risks. This is where Travel Insured International® can help you.

Travel Insured International® offers high quality travel protection plans. We offer comprehensive coverage

for you and your family, and with several plans to choose from, you can be sure of getting the protection you need. Our most popular product, Worldwide Trip Protector is a comprehensive plan that protects you against most serious risks. Choose our Worldwide Trip Protector Gold program if you are looking for large amounts of medical and evacuation coverage. Airline Ticket Protector is the perfect plan to cover replacement of your non- refundableairline tickets in the event you can not travel because of illness or otherlisted reasons.

There is no co-pay or deductible, and all of our protection plans are primary, which means that if you make a claim, we pay first, before your other travel insurance plans.
Travel Insured® Protection Plans

Worldwide Trip Protector provides protection for many events that may occur before and during your vacation. Included in the plan are benefits for trip cancellation or interruption, travel delay, baggage delay or loss, death from aircraft mishap, medical expense, and medical transportation, if needed. The medical element of travel insurance is critical, since few health plans are in effect outside their country of issue. In fact, many HMOs and PPOs reduce benefits outside their local networks. If you’re traveling abroad and need high medical and evacuation limits, take a look at our Worldwide Trip Protector Gold. The plan also includes the benefits of trip cancellation and interruption, lost or stolen baggage or travel documents, baggage delay, and accidental death and dismemberment. Some of the trip cancellation/interruption reasons included in both Worldwide Trip Protector plans are; weather, injury, illness, termination of employment or financial default of the airline, cruise operator, or tour operator which results in bankruptcy or discontinued services, terrorism, and jury duty.

Important Things to Consider Before Planning Your Trip:

  1. Do I need long-term medical insurance when I travel?
    Our long term medical insurance is designed for people, who don't have any other medical insurance. Since most people who can afford it have health care coverage in their home country, comprehensive travel medical insurance is of interest primarily to long-term travelers who have no medical insurance, or who are living and working outside their country of citizenship or permanent residence.

  2. Who needs emergency travel medical insurance?
    Travel medical insurance is designed for people who have medical coverage at home, but whose health plan doesn't cover them while they are traveling. Emergency travel medical insurance only covers emergency services abroad; once you get home, you're on your own (or presumably, back under your regular home coverage) for any necessary follow-up treatment or continuing care. Most health insurance plans and health maintenance organizations in the U.S.A include their own provisions for emergency care while abroad, at least for trips of less than 30 days. Check with your current insurer or HMO before you purchase an emergency travel medical plan that duplicates your existing coverage.

  3. What is Medical Evacuation (Medevac) insurance?
    Medevac insurance covers the cost of an air ambulance, attending physician and nurse, etc. if you are injured or so ill that you can't return home (or get to a suitable medical facility) on a scheduled commercial passenger flight. Medical evacuations can cost tens of thousands of dollars. This is coverage for the really big problems such as a helicopter rescue, which can run you in the tens of thousands of dollars. It makes sense to buy this coverage if you're going on an “adventure” vacation, or to an area where you'll be far from modern medical facilities.

  1. Medicare does not provide for payment of hospital or medical services outside the United States.
    Medicare provides no benefits outside the United States, and Medigap only pays for emergency care during the first 60 days you are outside the U.S. This leaves retiree's traveling for 61 days or longer with only two options: buy private coverage individually or through a group, or go without medical protection.

  2. American Based HMOs and PPOs.
    HMOs (Health Maintenance Organizations), while covering emergency room treatment anywhere, generally provide other coverage only through networks of doctors in your own state. PPOs (Preferred Provider Organizations) cover a greater portion of your medical costs only if you go to doctors in network, and again, the networks are usually only local.

  3. What does trip cancellation and interruption travel insurance cover?
    Trip cancellation and interruption travel insurance covers the cost of cancellation penalties or the cost of returning home if you have to cancel your trip, or cut it short, for specified reasons. The reasons are weather, injury, illness, termination of employment or financial default of the airline, cruise operator, or tour operator which results in bankruptcy or discontinued services, terrorism, or jury duty.

  4. Travel Assistance Service, a phone call away.
    Travel Assistance Service provides a variety of Medical and Travel Assistance services for individuals – services that no traveler should be without. Medical evacuation and Repatriation, Medical or legal referral, Guaranteed hospital admission, Translation services, Lost baggage retrieval, Inoculation information, Passport / Visa information, Emergency cash advance, Bail bond, Eyeglass replacement and much more.

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